IoT Node – Smart Building

Eduardo Latorre

Alcoy City Council has launched its first smart building - IoT node following UNE standards. This first smart building is a municipal sports centre.The IoT Node refers to municipal buildings.

A node is conceived as an infrastructure capable of collecting useful information from a network of sensors, storing the data it considers of interest, generating a valuable analysis and making this information available to cities by sending it to the smart city platform. The aggregation of data from various buildings in a city is a powerful source of information for decision-making. Therefore, the information generated by municipal buildings (such as energy efficiency parameters, water consumption management, indoor comfort or air quality) is of interest. The use of this information will not only improve the quality of life of citizens by providing services such as security, alarms or early response to disasters, but will also improve and optimise the services offered by the city thanks to the integration of the building's information with the city.

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According to the UNE 178108 Standard, in general, the building IoT Node is conceived as a concentrator of information from multiple sensors with different origins that must store the data it considers of interest, its variations and must make an analysis of value and make this information available to a superior system or smart city platform. This IoT Node of the Eduardo Latorre Municipal Sports Centre has connectivity and communications capacity for sensors, has the capacity to process the information received and is interoperable and uses open and standardised protocols. We are already working on the second phase of this project to not only be able to read information from the building, but also to act on it. This project has its origin in the Alcoy Smart City Strategy. This project has been co-financed with ERDF funds.