Mobile Network Data for Transport

Citi Logik

Citi Logik have developed custom datasets using MND for over 100 transport and urban planning projects in the UK and abroad. ​ With a team of experts in population movement, transport modelling and big data, we offer a flexible, transparent approach to enable clients to exploit the huge potential of mobile network data.

Data is vital for city and transport planners - The role of mobile network data in understanding travel patterns and road use.

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City and transport planners, operators and policymakers need to understand the interplay of road infrastructure, travel patterns, travel times and congestion. This is critical to plan work patterns, public transport operations and urban regeneration against a backdrop of rising populations and urbanization - two trends exerting increasing pressure on cities' infrastructure.

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Advanced demand estimation models incorporating big data sources including mobile network data can provide these insights, helping guide decision-makers on investments in road infrastructure construction, maintenance and transport operations.