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DataScouts offers an AI-enabled workflow for market exploration and monitoring.

DataScouts® collects, enriches and aggregates market & company information, it senses the market for relevant news, and it scores and segments stakeholders along use case specific criteria.

On top of DataScouts®, our Market & Competitive Intelligence platform, we offer strategic advisory services.


Discover market trends and stakeholders linked to specific challenges or use cases
Powerful data scouting tool to discover and fetch every bit of information you need to build your market and competitive intelligence.

Save your precious time as DataScouts does the labour-intensive work
AI-powered insights extracted from unstructured data by filtering out noise and other irrelevent content. Automated mapping, profiling and continuous monitoring of relevant stakeholders and entities.

Filter data as per your needs
Drill down on the information you need by using our filters that sort data based on a company domain, size, location, funding, goals, and much more

Smart and automated data aggregation
Automate the data gathering process and strive towards collective intelligence.
The platform collects, unifies, enriches, and aggregates data from multiple sources and uses powerful tools to build Market and Competitive Intelligence.

A secure and enterprise ready SaaS platform
DataScouts’ architecture is flexible, secure and easy-to-connect while meeting the most demanding B2B enterprise software standards. Learn how we use the latest technology while adhering to strict security standards and making data protection a priority.