Fastprk: Control of Free and Limited On-Street Parking Time

Image provided by Urbiotica

Offering citizens a parking policy based on free, but time-limited parking is an attractive option for public administrations in small and medium-sized cities since paid parking is a headache and often loss-making.

The solution allows the service managers and local police to be remotely alerted of time exceeded sessions and thus only intervene to fine offending users.


  • The real-time visualization of the alerts allows the optimization of control operations as well as the resources destined to this management.
  • The control of the maximum authorized time increases the rotations in the area and therefore impacts favorably on the space availability.
  • The permanent space availability allows people to reduce their time looking for parking, with a great and positive impact on traffic congestion and pollution.
  • The citizens benefit from a free and efficient service as they have access to real-time information about where to find an available space.

The solution includes:

  • U-Spot sensors installed in each parking spot.
  • APP for users through which they check-in once they parked and may consult parking availability.
  • ParkCtrl: APP for a quick and efficient enforcement.
  • U-Admin web platform to manage the system
  • API to integrate with any third party system

How does it work?

  1. The user parks of a free and limited time parking spot. The U-Spot sensor detects the presence of the new vehicle.
  2. The user checks-in through the parking APP to notify he parked precising the number of the spot.
  3. If the user doesn’t check-in or in case the maximum time defined is exceeded, an alert is sent to the parking guard.
  4. If the vehicle is removed, or if the alert is dealt with by the guard, it disappears.
  5. From U-Admin the manager can configure and monitor all system activity.