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French inter-municipal authority of 95 municipalities, Lille Metropole gathers 1.1 million inhabitants on the formerly most industrialised territory in France. Since a few years, the metropolis has been engaged in a transition towards a more sustainable and dynamic economy, relying on new technologies, research and academic centers and cultural and creative industries.

Border territory to Belgium, Lille Metropole enjoys a crossroad position in north western Europe, and is very well connected by the train to Paris, Brussels and London.

Since the 2000s, Lille Metropole became a dynamic metropolis which is moving towards innovation sectors thanks to a dense network of university centres, centres of excellence and incubators specializing in R&D, science and technology, public policy and social economy issues; making Lille Metropole the 4th largest digital ecosystem in France.

Interests & Future Goals

In the frame of 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge and of the new digital strategy, Lille Metropole is working on several ambitious projects aiming at better considering urban contemporary challenges and accelerate the digital transition of the territory. ‚ÄčThese actions will allow the digital strategy of Lille Metropole to become more holistic, more inclusive, and more efficient, in the frame of the construction of a new digital strategy in 2021

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