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Reempresa is the business transfer Marketplace for SMEs in Catalonia. We know that these are difficult times, with doubts and uncertainties. Reempresa is at the people’s side in order to help them buy or sell a running business. Reinventing, revolutionizing, reactivating, restarting or Reempresa. It’s an initiative that serves to prevent business closures due to lack of relief. The aim is to promote the transfer of companies in several fields, such as commerce, local services, industry and tourism.

Reempresa is a new model of entrepreneurship and business growth: a professional tool through which one or more buyers agree to become owners of an operating company, in order to grow it without going through the creation process. In most SMEs and all self-employment companies, this process involves the assumption of management and administration tasks by the buyer.

Through the Reempresa process, all company’s assets are kept, and business continue as usual, keeping the jobs, facilities, customers and suppliers, and giving value to whole story, specially to the effort developed in business creation. In addition, the transfer of companies strengthens current and future business and promotes a marked trend towards economic growth.

It is obvious that a company in ordinary operation has more possibilities and capacities to generate resources than a new company that starts from scratch, and avoids the conflict and trial proceedings of the closing processes.

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Reempresa offers its services free of charge to users because the entities that promote it have received public co-financing. It gives individual support for the preparation of the sale or purchase plan, as well as advice throughout the process of transferring the company. It provides training to both sides to be able to undertake or transfer with the utmost peace of mind and security. Also, it promotes the transfer of knowledge between the seller and the buyer. Reempresa works hand in hand with associations and banks to ensure that financing is not a problem when buying a business in operation. This initiative, which was launched by the CECOT (which is a multi-sector business confederation made up of a wide range of business associations and guilds) and AUTOOCUPACIO (which promote self-employment as an attractive way) in 2011, has reached 3,000 successful start-ups at the beginning of January 2021.