i2D for Fleets and Smart Cities

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i2D Technology consists of an integrated technological platform involving a telemetry system for data collection, transmission and processing from vehicles in circulation, and the application of software solutions to interface with Web users, as well as the infrastructure needed to support data processing and mass storage.


European Road Transport External Costs (Accidents: 41%; Congestion: 32%; Environment: 27%) reach € 3.200 / vehicle/year (infrastructure costs – around € 267.000 million/year – not included) and Internal Costs overcomes it.

It is an over total of € 1,000,000 million yearly bill, from which only 46% is covered by road vehicle related taxes and fees. Society pays the remaining.

The automobile industry puts in the market, every year, more than 80 million new vehicles, +60% of them going to cities.

“Road mobility is the key to build the cities of the future” as Car dominance will prevail for decades and all the solutions already ongoing to overcome the “car problem” too.

As Man’s relation to the car (purchase, driving, usage…) is sociocultural, the Climate and Digital transitions involving the car also requires a Social transition.

Which, being hard and long to achieve, it is proved that one of the best ways to accelerate it, is through an adequate binomial “incentive-charging”.

Most of today’s Smart Cities projects/solutions are based in data collected from electronic devices as Smartphones, Cameras, Radars, Lidars… combining powerful data processing software with Artificial Intelligence, with PROs and CONs, producing solutions such as MaaS (Mobility as a Service).


i2D solution makes a personalized, one-to-one, approach to each vehicle, owner, user or driver, allowing a more interactive and proactive relationship that provides enhanced results in all related road transport costs: huge savings in accidents, energy/fuel, GHG and congestion, bringing each citizen contribution to society.

i2D gets measurable impacts and evidence in:

(i) How You Drive improvement

(ii) Cities Cars’ Emissions evolution and patterns, providing a unique tool to fine tune and optimize COPERT calculations and define better actions to reduce them

(iii) Accidents and incidents zones: we demonstrated in a R&D project the correlations between “safety incidents” and crashes, helping to understand and mitigate accidents’ “black zones”

(iv) Main road code violations

(v) Road mobility patterns

I2 D for Fleets and Smart Cities project cover image 2

i2D solution targets the development and implementation of a real, feasible, Tradable Sustainability Credits System, appliable to all mobility players, including daily commuters that just use shared or totally sustainable transports (walking, bicycle...).

i2D reliably measures, in €€, saved mobility impacts in the External Costs society’s bill, that are credited to users, to be deducted in taxes and fees related to motor vehicles or any shared mobility usages’ fees.

Besides Tech support, that we provide, 2 challenges must be overcome:

(i) Legislation / Regulation

(ii) Unleashed Car Data access for environmental and safety purposes

Challenges that we would firstly endorse to local government, as municipalities, for later upgrade to national and European level.