Cesva TA120 Noise Measuring Sensor

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In the city of Terrassa, regarding the measurement of sound levels (mainly noise), we are betting on the use of capture devices that allow us to integrate the measurements obtained with our open source platform of sensors and actuators (Sentilo). With this type of devices we can, among other applications, create noise surveillance networks, monitoring industrial activities, waste collection routes, construction site control, concerts and festivals, as well as generate sound maps.

The product chosen is the CESVA TA120 Noise measuring sensor (from CESVA INSTRUMENTS) which is a noise measuring sensor oriented to Smart Solutions.

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The main features that make it especially attractive for incorporation in Smart Cities projects are, mainly:

- Precision and reliability: The TA120 sensor is a Class1 sound level meter, with the capability of continuous measurement (24h / 7d) with class 1 accuracy according to IEC 61672-1.

- Fits perfectly in the city: Light weighted, small sized and easy to integrate into the urban furniture. It is is very easy to install requires minimum annual maintenance. The TA120 can be powered through the mains, POE, 12 VDC (solar panels, external batteries)

- Maximum protection: with the outdoor kit the sensor has protection against external agents like wind, rain, birds and insects , and IP65 protection against dust and water.

- IoT platforms connectivity: The device has full connectivity with its proprietary platform (CESVA NoisePlatform) and also with open source platforms. The communication can be by Ethernet (RJ45), loop 4-20mA, Wi-Fi, and GPRS/2G modem.