Smart & Integrated Address Change

Image provided by Monadd

Monadd is an all-in-one admin hub centred around making requests to service providers and subscription services to accommodate your needs.

Moving home is often made stressful by the amount of admin involved. With numerous accounts under our name, we are forced to endure the struggle of updating all of our individual service providers about our address change.

Notifying your accounts about your change of address should not add to your move stress. We've been there, and it's a pain. We created Monadd to facilitate how you interact with your accounts and make admin easier.

​Your rights and data are fully protected. You are always in control to choose which of your accounts you want to update about your move.


Update your address, cancel and add new services
Notify services of your move, add new services, or cancel your utility providers, local council, gym, subscription services and more.

  • Avoid missed bills
  • Keep your records secure
  • Reduce your carbon footprint