Innovative Circular Bike Parking System

Image provided by Stiels B.V

Bicycles are very welcome in our cities, but where do we put them?

Existing bike racks are usually made of steel, galvanised and powdercoated. Furthermore they They also clamp the wheel of the bicycle, so you easily get a blow in the wheel.

Both issues triggered us to develop a circular, one-material bike rack that makes a blow in the wheel impossible: "Wing"


  • Circular product, no galvanizing, no powder-coating, no concrete foundation
  • Practically maintenance free, long-life material (Cor-Ten steel, including foundation)
  • The rack clamps the bike on the hub, not on the wheel, so no more blows on your expensive (E)-bike
  • Easy dismantling for re-use or refurbishment
  • Possibilities for Product-as-a-service (PAAS)
  • Production at Brainport Assembly - a social enterprise enabling and educating people with some distance to the labour-market.
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