Palaio Faliro and Alimos

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Image provided by the City of Palaio Faliro and Alimos

The neighboring cities of Palaio Faliro and Alimos are located in the Southern Part of the Athens Metropolitan Area overlooking the beautiful, sunny Saronic bay with its unique sandy beaches. The two cities have a population of around 150.000 and a long history of cooperation and joint ventures.

Palaio Faliro and Alimos are in their first steps on the transition to Smart, Sustainable and Green Tourism Destinations.

Their main tourist attractions include long, sunny beaches, both free and under contractual agreement for services, commercial marinas that include yachting spots, shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as historical sites centered around maritime heritage, museums and excellent, municipal sports and recreational facilities. In addition, an array of private health facilities are available that offer medical services of high quality.


According to the Green Statistical Authority, the majority of the economically active population of the two neighboring cities is in the tertiary economy sector i.e. services, commerce and tourism.

Interest and Future Goals

By joining the ICC journey, the municipalities and the surrounding ecosystem, aspire to gain experience, knowledge and cooperate with new partners both in Greece and in Europe, in projects related to smart, green, thematic and sustainable tourism. We seek also access to relevant financing tools for expanding our services and infrastructures in the above-mentioned thematic area. Palaio Faliro and Alimos have a vision to establish ourselves as a leading “Smart Tourism” destination in Southern Europe in the next 5 years, through the development of innovative, personalized, data driven, green, inclusive technology - based solutions.

The local ecosystem, including citizens, working at various levels on innovation, is the main driver able to guarantee the success of actions developed and the challenges to be tackled: stakeholders from the tourism sector, the health sector, the recreation sector, the blue economy and marinas sector are now starting to cooperate and to commit themselves in achieving, collaboratively, the transition to smart, sustainable and green tourism destinations.

The ICC is a catalyst for this transition and during our participation in the ICC project we expect to be able to develop our Strategy and Action plan and a smart app for personalized thematic services in the tourism sector for visitors and tourists visiting our cities.