Rijeka “The City that Flows”

Photo by RijekaPhotos

Located by the Adriatic Sea in Croatia lies Rijeka. It is the third largest city in the Republic of Croatia and the center of Primorsko-Goranska County. Historically Rijeka has been influenced by numerous cultures and nations, you can find this influence in the architecture across the city. Because of its openness the city is known for its hospitality, tolerance and coexistence.

Rijeka’s most emblematic building, the City Tower was built in the Middle Ages. You can make a journey throughout time while visiting the Rijeka’s old town and the Trsat Castle which was built in the 13th century. Another imposing building is the Rijeka Cathedral dedicated to St. Vitus, the city’s patron. Tourists can spend a relaxing afternoon shopping on the Korzo promenade or visit one of the many beaches. Rijeka was awarded the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture 2020 for its program “The Port of Diversity”, aimed at creating a city of culture and creativity for Europe and future. Rijeka is also famous for its Carnival. Each year different parades trek through the city, and many different activities are also organized.


Rijeka's economy is mainly focused on maritime transport and shipbuilding because it is the main Croatian port. The pharmaceutical industry, engineering and health services have developed significantly in recent years. Positive trends are seen in the development of tourism, especially health. The University of Rijeka increasingly influences the development agenda of the city through shared spaces, partnerships and projects.

Future Goals and Interests

Rijeka has been working for many years to become a smart city. Today Rijeka participates in many smart city projects such as smart lightning, smart metering and smart data management, smart urban mobility, heating network optimization, public transport, citizen participation and co-creation, creating a culture of open data and the expansion of e-government services. Rijeka has already completed projects that have been successful. Rijeka is the first city in Croatia to have smart bus stations as hotspots for users to connect to the Internet, equipped with a timetable of current bus positions, wireless charging stations, and sensors that collect temperature and humidity information. Rijeka also has an e-bike sharing system and free wifi in most public areas. The open data portal is already hosting many data sets for public use.

The Competence Center for Smart Cities is an innovation infrastructure of the City of Rijeka established as an instrument for encouraging the innovation of the business sector and its connection with research institutions.