Broadband development of 5G experimental applications

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The general objective of this project (financed through national funds) is to ensure universal accessibility to the cultural, environmental, and service resources of the city and of the hinterland of Catanzaro.


The project is managed by the City of Catanzaro in partnership with the University of Catanzaro and private firms. The project includes actions aimed at diffusing emerging technologies, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), which presuppose the use of new generation networks - 5G infrastructures.

Relevant challenges

Within the areas of the city subject to enhancement (in particular, the Mediterranean biodiversity park and the historical Villa Trieste), through the smartphone or wearable devices, citizens and tourists will be able to enjoy information and multimedia views which will allow them to benefit from:

  • Virtual guiding where, wearing a viewer, they will be free to move in the planned areas, retrace paths, touch objects, living an immersive experience;
  • Three-dimensional reconstructions of the historical and environmental context, with details on flora and fauna;
  • The Catanzaro 4.0 Catalog, namely the creation of a catalog of HQ (4K and 8K) videos and images, 3D reconstructions for VR and 360 videos, assembled in different enhancement paths ranging from those focused on the historical profile to those with a greater naturalistic accent.

Information will be processed and distributed by an innovative content management and production system called Catanzaro 4.0 Mobile Edge Computing hanks to 5G networks.