Moving Towards Zero

Go Zero Waste
Image provided by Go Zero Waste

Moving Towards Zero! is a campaign co-created by Go Zero Waste in collaboration with local governments and other local organizations with the aim of promoting local business and waste reduction through inclusive gamification.

Promote the role of citizenship towards a more sustainable and cohesive society

Environmental education
Challenges and activities propose sustainable habits

Waste reduction
We face the challenge of the waste prevention and reduction

We promote local trade
We strengthen the collaboration between the citizens and local shopping

Inclusive gamification
Open to everyone through new technologies and the explanatory leaflet



Select how to participate
Download Go Zero Waste app or use the leaflets you will find at participating establishments

Activate the challenges
Access the "challenges" are on the app and activate your local challenges or just participate using the leaflet.

Win prizes and discounts
Accumulate points with each challenge to get prizes, discounts and rewards in local shops and entities in your city or region