Hawa Dawa Sentience - IoT Measurement Device

Hawa Dawa Sentience

Our self-developed air measurement devices enable us to set up a highly granular network for the measurement of air pollutants.


  • Robust data to design and drive your smart city projects – in real time
  • Easy integration, installation in less than 30 minutes
  • Weatherproof and protected against insects and vandalism
  • High-resolution and high-frequency environmental data
  • Data digitally available at any time


  • Measurement of O3, NO2, PM2.5, PM10 and additional environmental parameters including temperature, air pressure and humidity
  • CE & EMC-certified technology
  • Modular, plug & play system
  • Two-stage calibration process adapted to local climatic conditions
  • Digital data transfer via GSM or LoRaWAN
  • Data accessible via API / Premium API or on our Cockpit /Premium Dashboards
  • Individual cover design on request
Hawa Dawa Sentience