Sharing Cities

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Sharing Cities is a major international smart cities project addressing some of the most pressing urban challenges facing today’s cities such as energy use, low carbon transport and buildings, and harnessing data for the good of the city.

The Sharing Cities programme brings together 34 partners from across government, industry and academia to create joint solutions. Working together means solutions have a greater chance of success, sustainability, and scale-up. Our user-centered, city-needs led approach is helping shape the smart city marketplace.

London Demonstration Area: Royal Borough of Greenwich

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is installing renewable energy generation such as solar panels and exploring options for sourcing heat from the River Thames to provide locally generated energy with lower emissions and greater energy security. The works are carried out in conjunction with building fabric improvements, improved heating systems and energy efficient lighting across the borough.

In an effort to encourage modal shift away from cars, the borough has implemented a business model and service for e-cargo bikes, and introduced an e-bike sharing scheme allowing residents and car owners to rent an e-bike for a month, and later opt to buy the bike at a discounted price. The success of the scheme has led to an expansion of the fleet to 30 e-bikes and a wider geographical coverage. The scheme was also integrated into the borough’s cycle training programme. The borough has upgraded its lamp posts with LED lighting, electric vehicle (eV) charging points and smart parking sensors connected in an integrated system. The introduction of eVs and smart parking is designed to improve air pollution and reduce congestion. E-vehicle and coach parking spaces are equipped with sensors integrated into the road surface and which communicate occupancy in real time (either available or occupied) to a local network via a communication hub installed on a lamppost. This information is used to make informed policy decisions.

The Greenwich demonstrator area is one of the most strategic locations in London and one of London’s six ‘growth boroughs’. The borough combines visitor attractions, such as the O2 entertainment arena, a new business start-up district, existing and new residential sites, and considerable water frontage. There are many transformation projects currently being implemented or scheduled in the area, such as the redevelopment of the peninsula and transport interchange, and the testing of autonomous vehicles.

District’s smart city development focus

  • Citizen-centric framework; with needs and aspirations of citizens driving all aspects of the Borough’s approach to service transformation
  • Infrastructure for change: improving connectivity and a fast, affordable digital infrastructure
  • Resource-efficient, low-carbon, healthy and liveable neighbourhoods
  • Improved mobility and accessibility
  • Modal shift towards more sustainable mobility systems – walking, cycling and electric vehicle sharing schemes
  • Economic growth and higher value jobs
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