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The Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontian Islands (hereafter “MCCDI") is based on the island of Corfu, which is the westernmost part of Greece, border nation of Europe to the east, and forms part of the Region of the Ionian Islands.

MCCDI is a new municipal authority, formed in 2019 and is the largest of the three (3) different Municipalities that were formed following the division of the formerly united Municipality of Corfu. The newly formed Municipality consists of the City of Corfu (new town, old town and suburbs) and the Diapontian Islands (a complex of islands to the northwest). Due to the geographical position of the island, but also due to its long history and cultural influences from Britain, France and Venice the old town of Corfu is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.


That's why Corfu Island is an internationally famous tourist destination. It possesses both a rich cultural heritage and all the aspects of a Greek island that make it appealing to tourists, who visit for at least eight (8) months each year, thus significantly increasing the population served by the municipal authorities.

At the same time, the majority of the island’s permanent residents are either directly or indirectly involved in some sort of profession associated with the tourism industry. Consequently, the Municipality’s local ecosystem apart from the administrative, educational and the unionized entities is being represented by institutions linked with this particular industry.

Future Goals and Interests

Although it is a newly formed Municipal Authority, the MCCDI is fully committed to its efforts to effectively apply all the necessary new strategies and implement all the necessary measures that will help to achieve its vision of transforming Corfu into a smart, green and sustainable city. In this, we are supported by our Mayor, who is committed to synchronizing the city and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants and keeping up with the rest of the European cities that are ahead of us in the following fields :

1. Waste management and circular economy

2. e-Government and digitising public services

3. Smart and green mobility and transport

4. Scaling up renewable energy solutions and energy-efficiency.

A key achievement of our municipality in waste management, but also in digital transformation, is the development of the informative website which is dedicated to the solutions of circular economy currently taking place on the island and at the same time, a special information - publicity page within this specific website which will function as the main "digital identity" of the local ICC team of the Municipality of Central Corfu & Diapontian Islands, regarding our participation in the program of 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge. More information on this program can be found here:

Corfu - The famous Mouse Island of Corfu PANAGIOTA TZANNE
Corfu's famous Mouse Island - Image provided by the City of Corfu
Corfu - Sandy beach in Corfu PANAGIOTA TZANNE
Image provided by the City of Corfu