Fastprk: Parking Guidance for Tourist Bus Areas

Urb TB
Image provided by Urbiotica

The number of tourists increases every year, resulting in a large number of people arriving in buses, generating chaos and congestion in some areas, most of them located in the city centers.

This solution equips bus parking spaces with wireless sensors to guide drivers to the parking areas with available spots and avoid chaos in the city.


  • Drivers are guided through information panels and/or APPs directly to the free spaces avoiding the circulation of buses in search of a free spot to stop.
  • Guiding buses to free spaces reduces the unnecessary traffic generated in search of a parking space. It reduces the amount of pollution generated.
  • The traffic, pollution and chaos reduction favor the well-being of citizens and users.

The solution includes:

  • Single space detection U-Spot wireless sensors that transmit the availability information in real-time.
  • Dynamic and high-quality message signs adapted to urban environments, which transmit the information of the available parking spaces.
  • U-Admin web platform to manage the system
  • API to integrate with any third party system

How does it work?

  1. The driver goes to a free space guided by the information displayed on a dynamic message sign and parks the bus. The U-Spot sensor detects the presence of the vehicle and send the information to the platform.
  2. The platform collects the data and sends the updated information to the panels to transmit the new availability, which in this case will indicate one free space less.
  3. When the bus is removed, the U-Spot no longer detects its presence and sends the information again so that the system transmits that the spot is once again unoccupied.
  4. From U-Admin the manager can configure and monitor all system activity.