Gamified Commuter Challenge for your Citizens

Image provided by Gamification Nation

Carbon 0 Commute aims to encourage citizens of smart cities to make the most carbon-friendly commuter choices on a regular basis. It comes as a gamified challenge and is best done with the peer stimulation of colleagues, friends, family or classmates.

Carbon 0 commute is a mobile app for citizens and a web-based administrator panel for city administrators which allows cities to tailor the design, the commuter options, and the rewards to suit their city campaigns.

Reward action-takers

Cities and communities work best together when they have a common goal, going carbon neutral is ideally positioned to get everyone involved.

Making it fun with local campaigns and peer-to-peer social accountability is what makes our app work! As a city (or school or company) challenge your people to go for a carbon 0 commute.

It is the small yet frequent things we do, that will have a big impact over time. Commuting in a post lockdown world can be that little change that makes a difference.

We enable cities to build a campaign and reward those that manage to stay at 0 the longest, the most frequent or the ones that encourage the most people to join in the fun.
Personal impact matters and social accountability makes it stick.

How it works

Collective goals require individual action to make any difference at all. Carbon 0 Commute allows each individual to do their bit for the environment and reduce their carbon footprint.

My achievements

The app works as follows:

  1. Enter your starting point for your commute
  2. Enter your end-point for your commute
  3. Choose your commuting method and it’s carbon footprint
  4. Challenge a friend, family member or colleague or work as a team to see who is the first to reach 100 days at carbon 0 and how you are all contributing to a cleaner environment in your city.
  5. Repeat it daily and keep challenging others to join in.