Gaiyo: One App for all your Transport

Image provided by Innovactory

Gaiyo is a mobility app that allows you to plan, book and pay for all your trips. One service for all your transport, including personal travel advice.

How does Gaiyo help?

Travelling with your own transport and that of others becomes easier. You can plan, book and pay for all your transport using one app. We offer access to many on-demand alternatives and routes, providing flexibility. You travel seamlessly with Gaiyo, with insight, comfort and up-to-date information before, during and after your journey.

Gaiyo provides you access to transport

Would you like to try a shared car, e-bike, public transport or an e-scooter? It’s all in. We offer the smartest, fastest and cleanest route for your trip. Business trips, weekends away, to daily commuting, it’s all there.


Register once in Gaiyo and you will have access to many different modes of transport.


Gaiyo combines your own car and bicycle with parking and access to other modes of transport.


Is the mode of transportation of your choice not available? Gaiyo will help you with an alternative to get to your destination.


You’ll arrive on time with up-to-date travel advice. You receive updates on delays, traffic jams and alternative routes.

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