• Inviso – LoRaWan coverage mapper


    The solution Inviso - LoRaWan coverage mapper has been developed by the City of Aarhus in the Interreg North Sea project SCORE. The main purpose of the solution is to portray and visualise LoRaWan coverage on a map.

  • Stay Put


    The solution Stay Put has been developed by the City of Aarhus in the Interreg North Sea project called SCORE. It is a generic solution, that enables the tracking and monitoring of the position of different types of city inventory.

  • City of Gothenburg


    We are a sustainable city open to the world that is working on providing the best service for our citizens and visitors. We want to share and engage with our citizens so that we can bring the right service providing both for their digital and physical needs.

  • Dordrecht


    The City of Dordrecht is the oldest city in Holland. Its location on the water has made the city flourish. That special bond with the water still influences life and work in the city. The economic development policy sees opportunities in the maritime sector, the industry in which the city and region possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. The water also attracts visitors to the city.

  • QR Code Toolkit • SCORE


    As it becomes easier and more common for people to scan a QR Code on their mobile device, QR Codes are also tied to public services in smart cities.

  • IoT Registry • SCORE


    The IoT Registry offers transparency to citizens, visitors and entrepreneurs by providing an online registry of IoT devices.